Oh Mother’s Day – selfishly one of my favorite holidays!

Although it may be hard to believe, Hallmark is not the master-mind behind this wonderful day. Originally declared in a proclamation by President Woodrow Wilson, the first national Mother’s Day was held May 9, 1914. To no surprise, there was a woman behind the scenes by the name of Anna Jarvis who first incarnated this day in 1908 to celebrate those who had nurtured her. Living in West Virginia, Anna wanted to honor not only her own mother but all mothers. She was a social activist and started organizations like “Mothers’ Day Work Clubs” to teach local women how to properly care for their children. I could have used one of those clubs as I feel being a Mother has been, by far, my toughest but yet most rewarding job. Like the time I locked McKenzie, at two, in my running car along with the keys, but we all came out ok.

I am Janet Marie, aka j.marie, the declared Inspiration behind my daughter’s company, j.marie and sweet pea. I am both honored and humbled by that declaration. Not being sure how it came about, I have loved paper and the written word all of my life. I remember as a young girl having a pen pal from another country and reading through each letter with anticipation and excitement. It seems handwritten notes from teachers, friends and family have always caused me to pause and consider the words chosen and the thoughtful time taken to compose each phrase. They were precious to me and I could not throw them away, which has caused some problematic behavior, but that’s another topic maybe for the future.

When I think of my daughter, McKenzie, aka Sweet Pea, my heart swells and tears easily come. I am very proud to be her mother and try to never take it for granted that God chose me. My own mother passed away over twenty years ago but that relationship, with its ups and downs, paved the way for the awesome 24+ years I have had with my daughter.  My daughter truly has made me a better person!

A special shout out to all the Mothers who have mentored me as well.  I was 38 and married 11 years when we gave birth to McKenzie.  Most of my close friends had already had their children and I have been the beneficiary of their experience and honest hearts.

Today, please MAKE the time to write a note to someone who has played a special role in your life. If you are lucky enough to have your mother with you still, start with her. My two aunts have taken on the role of mothering me. I am sixty three and never tire of their notes. They apologize for their shaky handwriting now but I absolutely cherish every written word they choose to put to print.

Blessings to all of you this Mother’s Day, 2016!­